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The Pavilion at Carrick Hill

Welcome to the Pavilion at Carrick Hill - where your event becomes an experience, and every moment is a masterpiece.  

Where your event becomes an experience

The Pavilion is a place where events truly transform into unforgettable experiences.
Whether it’s a wedding, social event or corporate function, the venue offers versatile spaces conveniently located just 15 minutes from Adelaide CBD. 

The Favaro family, the group behind the venue is committed to creating cherished memories for all attendees, promising an exceptional blend of unique catering offerings amidst the captivating charm of Carrick Hill’s surroundings.  

The dedicated team focuses on delivering an exceptional culinary experience that mirrors the natural beauty of the environment.  

By taking care of the intricate details, the Pavilion allows hosts and guests alike to immerse themselves in creating and enjoying magical moments, fostering an environment where memories are not just made, but cherished for a lifetime.

Be part of their story, so they can be a part of yours.

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